Friday, October 14, 2011

Dragon ball Z halloween costume

Dragon ball z halloween costume which is inspired because of the anime Dragon ball Z.

For those who might not know, dragon ball is one of the oldest yet popular anime being watched around the world. The dragon ball anime was popular because it has a story of a alien boy named Goku from an alien human race called the saiyan to the earth. This saiyan race has strong innate qualities that makes them strong and powerful and can fly. Well the story does sound similar to superman but the introduction is where there similarities lie.

This dragon ball z cosplay costume is really popular in anime conventions and cosplay parties. Cosplay is a popular term used for dressing up as those seen in animes and video games but pretty much just another theme for a halloween costume convention/event. This dragon ball z costume can be used as a dragon ball z halloween costume or as a dragon ball z costume party costume or a cosplay event that generalizes more in anime costumes.

There are several other dragon ball z costumes but this dragon ball z jumpsuit costume is by far the most popular one because it is the costume worn by the likes of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, trunks, most humans and other members of the saiyan race in the dragon ball z universe. While this anime halloween costume will only give you the orange jumpsuit, this anime costume is really close to the one worn by the anime characters in dragon ball. You might also have seen this dragon ball costume in the recently released but bad dragon ball movie but if you are sticking close the the anime costume, then you might need to wear a  dark blue/violet rolled up shirt beneath or no shirt at all.

You can buy this costume in amazon. There are also some offering a dragon ball z cosplay goku mask and a picture from the dragon ball z anime with dragon ball z characters wearing this dragon ball z cosplay costume.

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