Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Final fantasy X-2 Yuna

Final fantasy X-2 Gunner Yuna costume cosplay from the popular video game final fantasy X-2.

Final fantasy X-2 is the spin-off to the final fantasy X video game by Square Enix. Final fantasy X-2's story is the years after the story in the final fantasy X ended. Most heroes of the final fantasy X video game are already happy and in retirement including Yuna but there was a sudden video sphere of a man resembling tidus who was lost on another dimension on the final ending of final fantasy X. Tidus is the love affair of Yuna. Yuna and his 2 companions will go through adventures to find who was the man on the video sphere and and know what is happening with the world in an era called eternal calm.

Final fantasy X-2 yuna gunner costume is different with the Final fantasy X yuna costume used. In the original ff10 yuna costume, she wears a summoner/priestess dress that is less revealing than this ffx-2 gunner yuna costume. This final fantasy cosplay costume is a little bit sexy and more revealing. Yuna in ffx-2 is using a gun than her more tradional wands on the original final fantasy X which some people say is a little bit similar to Cameron diaz in the charlies angels movies because she is also a gun toting vixen.

Here is the original final fantasy x yuna costume and the final fantasy x-2 yuna costume and the final fantasy X-2 yuna costume you can buy online in amazon.

This final fantasy X2 yuna cosplay costume can be used as a final fantasy halloween costume outfit, as a costume party and as a final fantasy trick or treat costume outfit. Ths final fantasy costume buy online can be very popular with anime conventions because it is one of the most known and most entertaining cosplay costume you can wear. This Yuna FF X2 costume includes everything that you can wear it on the go(except the boots). This yuna final fantasy X costume includes, shirt, jewelry, hair tail and including yuna's tiny bee gun. This video game halloween costume is a little bit on the sexy side so it is not for the unwilling.

Here is yuna's tiny bee gun pic and the yuna costume you can buy online in amazon.

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