Monday, October 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Telephone prison uniform costume

Lady gaga Prison uniform costume used by lady gaga in the telephone music video.

This lady gaga prison uniform was used by lady gaga as one of her costumes in the telephone music video. This lady gaga costume is the same as the convict uniform or what innamates used as their uniform. The lady gaga white and black striped costume has the tradional white and black stripes used in prisoner uniforms. While the traditional prison uniform costume is simple, lady gaga has made the prisoner costume sexy.

This lady gaga costume was named as lady gaga prisoner of love costume because of how sexy and revealing the dress is. The lady gaga dress has a long cut in the middle of the dress making it more revealing than a traditional prison dress. the lady gaga costume is also a one piece dress that is short. It is high above the knee. It also have long sleeves with over-sized shoulders that stays in its place or position. This lady gaga prisoner of love costume lady gaga used also have some costume accessories to complete it like the gloves, dark sunglasses and fishnet stockings.

Here is the lady gaga prisoner uniform costume in the telephone video.

This costume idea can be a great halloween costume that you can use for costume parties or halloween parties. You can buy lady gaga costumes online especially in amazon an online store with several online costume shops listed there. The lady gaga prisoner of love costume that you can buy has a zipper on front which is different with the real one because it has no zippers. The main reason for this one is because people might not want to reveal a whole lot of their flesh like what lady gaga did. By using the zipper, you can adjust on how much you want to reveal. The lady gaga glasses is also available to buy on online stores. It may not be the one in the video, but this lady gaga glasses is one of the glasses often used by lady gaga.

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