Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Naruto Uzumaki cosplay costume

Naruto uzamaki anime halloween costume outfit. This naruto costume outfit is inspired by the popular ninja anime series Naruto.

 For a little backdrop on what Naruto is, naruto is an anime about the adventures of a boy named Naruto uzamaki and how he became a great ninja while overcoming hurdles, meeting new friends, going into far away lands while discovering himself.

Naruto the anime is one of the most popular anime now and at all time. Naruto really has paved the way for ninja animes to becoming more appealing to the masses while older or past ninja animes are a little bit for more adult unlike naruto. Because of this popularity, naruto has spawned a naruto video game, naruto toys, naruto anime spinoffs and naruto movies/ova and now even naruto cosplay costumes. This naruto cosplay costume is from the earlier naruto series or the original naruto series and not the naruto shippuden costume. This naruto halloween costume is totally diffident to the one that naruto uses as a costume in the naruto shippuden series but we will get to that costume later. This original naruto costume is the costume naruto uses to advance his ninja class and when he was still a little kid. This was also the costume used by naruto when sasuke one of his best friends left them to make himself stronger making him an enemy and but also a friend in the naruto shippuden series.

Here a drawing of naruto wearing his original naruto series costume and here is the naruto cosplay costume you can buy online in amazon an online store.

This original naruto costume you can buy online already consist of the konoha leaf head gear so you are not obliged to buy a seperate naruto headgear and ofcourse the naruto orange jumpsuit cosplay costume without the knee bag the naruto hair and naruto sandals. This naruto halloween costume is more known than the naruto shippuden costume because more people have seen the original than the sequel. You may also not make your hair blonde or wear some wig because this naruto orange jumpsuit dress is standard in the story as the one being used by novice ninjas. This naruto orange jumpsuit costume is a great halloween costume outfit or a good trick or treat costume because it is comfortable to wear but if will wear this costume as a cosplay costume than you will need more naruto accesories to complete your naruto cosplay costume. First your hair would need to be blond and messy looking. If you don't want to dye your hair blonde then their are naruto wigs than you can buy in amazon. Second, you will need the knee bag and some of naruto's kunai. There are naruto kunais being sold online in amazon which is perfectly safe because they are not sharp but still can be thrown at. Third, the naruto sandals, naruto uses a covered step-in sandals that is not a traditional sandals anywhere. You can buy this naruto sandals online to complete your naruto costume. This naruto costume accessories are the one mostly needed to make your naruto costume cosplay outfit complete. Buy costumes online in amazon and don't forget to buy this amazing naruto anime costume cosplay outfit.

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