Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lady gaga triangle dress costume

Lady gaga triangle dress was the lady gaga costume used in some of her concerts particularly in her the lady gaga monster ball tour. In most of lady gaga's costumes, this one is one of the most fancy and better looking in the real sense that you can wear it even if its not for a halloween costume. This lady gaga triangular dress is one of those few dresses of lady gaga where you can really wore in a ball or in a prom and not just as a costume for halloween.

Some people may call it as a lady gaga black sequin dress because the meaning of sequin is something sparkling or shining object that is part of your dress. The lady gaga triangle costume is really square on the top making it look like it is made of cardboard that is covered with a shiny fabric cloth. The real lady gaga dress might be a little too short that some people say that it may reveal some things that is not worth revealing. That lady gaga costume is really made just for lady gaga. The lady gaga triangle dress also include a stick with a small orb on top of it but in some concerts this stick is missing.

The costume inspired by the lady gaga triangle dress is quite different. The triangle on the top of the dress is more bendable making it more part of the dress than the lady gaga triangle dress that lady gaga wore. This inspired lady gaga triangle dress is also not that short than the real one but it may be short and revealing for some people but definitely longer than what lady gaga wore in some of her concerts. The mask is an original one in my opinion because I have not seen this mask in any lady gaga costume she used in her concerts.

This costume is great for regular parties, costume parties and even for a costume halloween. What a great costume idea to have that can make you as the focal point of a party. Buy costumes in the amazon market because it is a known reputable online store than any other.

Here is the halloween costume inspired by lady gaga on the right and on the left the real lady gaga triangle dress.There is also an all white sequin dress that also looks like the lady gaga triangle dress.

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