Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Final fantasy 7 Tifa Costume

Final fantasy 7 tifa cosplay costume inspired by the video game final fantasy 7.

Final fantasy 7 and the final fantasy series of squaresoft are one of the most well known and most popular rpg game/series in the world. Their are people that arqued that final fantasy 7 paved the way for making the rpg video game series to be massive and not just restricted to 2d fields. It is also because of final fantasy 7 that squaresoft a not so popular game developer/publisher became popular. Squaresoft has really gambled all because they have released final fantasy 7 to the playstation from sony which is really a new player for video game consoles when there direct competitor, nintendo has already have an good established record when it comes to video games and video games consoles.

Tifa or tifa lockheart is one of the main heroes or protagonist on the game final fantasy 7. She also has the most history when it comes to the main hero cloud strife because of their past history of being childhood friends.

This ff7 tifa costume is not the costume in the original video game final fantasy 7 but a later spin-off. The spin-off is the final fantasy 7 advent children and this is a final fantasy 7 tifa advent children costume. Advent children explains what happens after 10 years after the story in the game final fantasy 7 ended. There are also some other final fantasy 7 prequels and final fantasy 7 ova that has tifa in this exact costume. I personally think that they have recreated tifa's costume to make it more realistic looking than the costume used by tifa in the real final fantasy video game.

Here is the tifa costume in ff7 and the costume that is in the final fantasy 7 advent children and the final fantasy 7 tifa halloween costume that you can buy in amazon.

This final fantasy 7 tifa cosplay outfit can be used for halloween costumes, costume parties or cosplay events. You can also have a halloween couple costume wearing this final fantasy 7 tifa costume while your and your partner wearing the final fantasy 7 cloud costume outfit. This costume outfit is popular in cosplay conventions because it is one of the most prominent and well known cosplay costumes out there. And because final fantasy 7 has anime spin-offs it is also a popular anime costume for anime fans. This tifa advent children costume that you can buy online is one of the most simplest costume out there. The tifa costume you can buy online consist of black vest, white t-shirt, black shorts and black skirt so you would only need to find are the black snickers. This is one great halloween costume idea.

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