Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Red Lace MTV Awards 2009 costume

Lady gaga and her outrageous lady gaga costumes can make you think on how she has made those costume ideas. Some of lady gaga's costumes can be practical and can be called classy but some lady gaga's costume can only be used by her or only as a lady gaga halloween costume. The blue lady gaga poker face swimsuit maybe a little bit revealing and unique but it is still showing some class or "cool" with it but some lady gaga music video costumes and lady gaga awards/interview costumes can be called crazy. One of those weird costumes are the dead kermit the frog costume, the egg, and this one.

This lady gaga red lace costume was used by lady gaga on a MTV video music awards on 2009 but this is not her first costume that day. If I can remember, this was her 3rd from 5 costumes that lady gaga dressed that day. This maybe confused with the lady gaga bad romance red lace costume but she didn't wear any red lace costume on that video but one that maybe the inspiration for this red lace dress by lady gaga. The one I am talking about is the white latex lady gaga dress or the white queen lady gaga wore in the bad romance video.

Here is the white queen bad romance lady gaga dress that I am talking about

The lady gaga red lace dress was used only in the MTV 2009 awards for her accepting an award. The red lace dress is a full dress that extends to the neck. The lady gaga  headdress will cover your whole head including your hair. This lady gaga costume is really not considered as an everyday or fashionable dress but as an outfit or as an halloween costume. This lady gaga red lace halloween costume can be used on parades or as a halloween costume. It might be the weirdest halloween costume you have worn but the dress does look comfy and not sweaty because of lacy fabric being used for this halloween dress. This lady costume can only be used by ladies.

Here is the video with the red lace lady gaga costume during the mtv vma music awards 2009.

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