Monday, October 17, 2011

Lady Gaga American Flag Telephone Costume

Lady gaga american flag costume that is used by lady gaga in the telephone ft. beyonce music video.

Lady gaga uses more than one costume in each and everyone of her music video. Some of lady gaga's costume in those music videos was just used for a few seconds and some costumes having more video time than others. In the lady gaga music video named telephone, lady gaga and beyonce has used several costumes in this video alone. And this lady gaga american flag is one of the costumes that is one of the most prominent on the telephone lady gaga music video.

This lady gaga american flag costume was used by lady gaga in the last portions of the telephone song of lady gaga. It is mainly used in the dancing part of the video. Here is the lady gaga music youtube video telephone ft beyonce.

You can buy this american flag costume by lady gaga in amazon an online store. The lady gaga american flag outfit can be used as a halloween costume or even as a bikini. Because it is made like a bikini the lady gaga american flag costume is made up of only of a headband, mini gloves, briefs/panties while the boots and wig are not included in the costume that you can buy online. This costume is not for the conservative in you because it is a little bit too revealing than other lady gaga costumes you can buy online but the advantage of the lady gaga flag costume is that it can be used as a bikini and not just a halloween costume.

This costume is available in online stores especially in amazon.

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