Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lady gaga Kermit the Frog Halloween costume

Lady gaga kermit the frog halloween costume inspired by the same lady gaga frog dress she wore for some german tv interview.

It might not be a popular trivia but lady gaga sometimes will show off a kermit the frog doll like the kermit the frog doll looking outside a limousine. Lady gaga might have a little bit of love to the muppet show member kermit the frog.

This lady gaga kermit the frog costume was basically out of the blue for lady gaga. There was no meaning or no indication on why she has worn a costume full of frog dolls or dead kermit the frog dolls costume. This lady gaga kermit the frog dress is really not a full dress but more like a shoal or a scarf. It basically hides the upper part of your body but not to an extent of a shirt and exposes the lower part of your body requiring you to wear something else beneath it. Lady gaga wore a black dress of some sort beneath this lady gaga frog dress.

The inspired lady gaga kermit the frog costume is suitable for a halloween costume and might be one of the most weirdest yet entertaining halloween costume you can find that it is not an ordinary halloween costume in any way like a fairy halloween costume or a disney halloween costume you can have. This might also be a good costume if you want to objectify your anger against environmental problems. While this frog dress is pushing it to a halloween costume only dress, it is still one of the few halloween costumes that you can talk about in the future. Well no one can really forget a halloween dress with a hundreds of dead frogs in it right?

Here is the lady gaga frog dress video. There is no english version because it is for a german television show.

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