Monday, October 17, 2011

Lady gaga star dress

 Lady gaga star dress costume that was used by lady gaga in an american idol alejandro scene.

Lady gaga was popular as a singer by making and singing some hit songs like alejandro, born this way and others but she was also popular for her outrageous and insane costumes. There are lady gaga costumes she used in public that you cannot even used in beaches or in a swimming pool. They are that revealing. There are also some lady gaga costumes that is outrageous like the kermit the frog lady gaga dress and the lady gaga meat dress but there are also some costumes of lady gaga that you can wear for some costume parties or for halloween costumes and this lady gaga star dress is one of them.

This lady gaga star dress was used by lady gaga in an american idol. This was in march 2009 during the final portion of that american idol season. She sang alejandro while wearing this lady gaga star costume which is still a single then. There are unfortunately no more lady gaga youtube videos of it but there are still pics of it.

This costume can be used for theme parties or for halloween costume parties or for trick or treating. The lady gaga star dress is not that revealing or not that crazy like other lady gaga halloween costumes you can buy and wear out there but because of this one, it is not as flashy or much known as a lady gaga costume. It may be a pros for some who does not want to have a costume that is too flashy or crazy or a con for others because it is the most simple lady gaga costume you can buy that is out there.

You can buy this costume now online. It is listed in amazon where you can buy costumes on several online costume stores listed there. The photo on the right is the real star dress lady gaga wore in american idol.

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