Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wear your own angry birds costume

As you may have known angry birds is a well known video game mostly on smartphones that is a birds against pigs game. The video game company rovio and the video game angry birds amassed fans and popularity that they are now considered one of the best video games or one of the most popular video game or one of the most known video game in the world. Like other popular video games in the world, it has created a lot of spin-offs a good example is the video game pac-man having its own, cereals, accessories and even its own board game. Angry birds is also like that. With its popularity, there are now angry birds toys, angry birds plush toys, angry birds shirts, angry birds spin-offs video games and now even their own angry birds costume.

Angry birds costume are basically the characters in the video game. The several versions of the birds and ofcourse the several versions of the pigs in the angry birds video game. While this new costume is not a go to halloween costumes like fairy costumes or disney halloween costumes, this angry birds costume is still a good costume buy because it has a different appeal than scary halloween costumes or cute halloween costumes. This angry bird costumes idea is that it is  funny costume that has an appeal to the geek crowd or angry birds fans.

The angry birds halloween costume has different variations, there are the halloween mask or a halloween wig version of the halloween angry birds costume. This version of the angry birds costume is easy enough to wear that you would just need to put your head inside it. This version of the angry birds costume can be useful in cosplay events, costume parties or theme events/parties where you would need not to have a more elaborate costume. This angry birds costume have the advantage of a one size fits all halloween costume. No need to look for the adult costume version or the teen costume version. This costume can also be used as a halloween costumes for women or as a halloween costumes for men. Fat people like me(lol) have no need to look for the plus size costume version.

The full body version of this angry birds  adult costume is also easy to wear. Just wear it like a dress(need to wear some clothing or it might get weird lol). There are several variations of pig costumes and several angry birds birds costume that you can wear. This version of the angry birds costume can be a halloween couples costume. You wearing the bird version and your spouse wearing the pig version. This having a entertaining costume for your guest and friends. This funny costume especially if you are a couple can bring the ice breaker for your conversation. This is a great halloween costume idea for you and your wife, girlfriend or even your siblings.

The angry birds costume is still quite new and could be the top halloween costume of 2011 and 2012.

buy costumes in amazon which has a list of several variations of this angry birds costume. Some local costume stores also have their halloween costume stores online in amazon. Why not get this costume now if you are still thinking about your costume idea.

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  1. If you and your couple could wear some couples costumes for 2012 inspired by Angry Birds, it would surely catch the attention of the crowd, most especially the kids!