Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Final Fantasy 7 Cloud costume

Final fantasy 7 cloud cosplay costume that is popularized by the video game final fantasy 7 and its main protagonist cloud.

Final fantasy 7 is one of the first few games released by squaresoft and a game on their final fantasy video game series that was released more than 20 years ago or 1994 to be exact. Final fantasy was released for the playstation one. Final fantasy 7 is one of the most revered RPG video games out there and one of the most popular and most sold game in the world hence, final fantasy 7 cosplay costumes  are still being used and sold  even if it was released two decades ago and  there are still ff7 spin-offs, accesories and even toys being released for it. Final fantasy 7 has a lot of fans(including myself).

Final fantasy 7 surrounds a male protagonist named cloud or his full name cloud strife that tries to discover himself and his past with the help of his friends. By discovering himself, he unravels mysteries about the world and in the end tries to save the world. This is the most non-spoiler description I can give on what final fantasy 7 is without giving too much for you to know but much to ponder with.

Final fantasy 7 is one of the games that are still being talked about and debated even today and cloud the main hero of final fantasy 7 is one of the main reason for that. This final fantasy 7 cloud costume is not a final fantasy 7 costume used in the first edition of the video game. Meaning that it is not the cloud costume you have seen when you have played the game. This final fantasy 7 cloud cosplay costume is from its spin-offs. While the early ff7 cloud costume is not really in full black, this costume can still be indentifiable as a final fantasy 7 cloud halloween costume.

Here is the final fantasy 7 cloud costume in the video game(left) and the final fantasy 7 advent children cloud costume(right).

This final fantasy 7 cloud costume that you can buy online in amazon is from the final fantasy 7 costume from the advent children spin-offs. You can use this final fantasy 7 cloud costume as a halloween costume or as a costume outfit. This cloud costume can also be used in cosplay events or anime events. While the costume you can buy online will only give you full costume excluding the shoes and the wig and the sword which comprises cloud's shoulder armor, sleeveless sweater, pants, left sleeve cover, and left cloak, The sword which is called buster sword can easily be made with cardboard and a little bit of imagination. The hair is just blonde spikes which can be easily done if you have longer hair then usual but if you don't, there are final fantasy 7 cloud wig out there that you can buy so you will not have the trouble of dying your hair or making it longer. Cloud's costume is one of the most identifiable halloween costume you can wear especially for video game fans.

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